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4 Episode Challenge Review
Dark Season 1 Four Episode Challenge ftd img

‘Dark’ Final Verdict, Season 1: 4-Episode Challenge

The Crown Season 2 Four Episode Challenge FTDIMG

‘The Crown’ Final Verdict, Season 2: 4-Episode Challenge

Marvel's Runaways Four Episode Challenge FTD IMG

‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Final Verdict, Season 1: 4-Episode Challenge

Good Behavior

Good Behavior Season 2: 4 Episode Challenge

Riverdale Season 2: 4 Episode Challenge


Still Star-Crossed Interview: Sterling Sulieman

American Guys Pablo Schreiber

Pablo Schreiber of American Gods Talks Mad Sweeney!

Stitchers Cast Interviews: Anna Akana

Sense8 Cast Interview: Miguel Angel Silvestre

Sense8 Cast Interview: Toby Onwumere

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. -- “4,722 Hours" Episode 305 Pictured -- Elizabeth Henstridge as Jemma Simmons and Dillon Casey as Will Daniels

Dillon Casey On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is Death Coming?

Brian Letscher On The Secrets Behind Scandal’s Tom Larsen

Sebastian Roché Teases on The Originals Mikael’s True Nature

Outlander Jamie Claire

Outlander Roundtable 3×13 “Eye of the Storm”

The Gifted Roundtable 1X10 “eXploited”

Good Behavior 2x09

Good Behavior Roundtable 2X09 “And I Am A Violent Criminal”

The Exorcist Roundtable 2×09 “Ritual & Repetition”

SEAL Team Roundtable 1x09

SEAL Team Roundtable 1×09 “Rolling Dark”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Roundtable 5x09

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Roundtable 5×09 “99”


Supernatural Midseason Finale Roundtable 13×09 “The Bad Place”


Arrow Midseason Finale Roundtable 6×09 “Irreconcilable Differences”

Bilquis American Gods FTD

Why is Bilquis (‘American Gods’) so important—especially now.

Wynonna Earp S2 Hype

WYNONNA EARP: A tale of why we need more heart in our television shows.

Modern Storytelling: Belief as Currency

American Gods: Do the Immortal Walk Among Us?

Toxicity and Relationships TV After Dark

Toxicity, Ships & a Whole Universe More

women ftd

Girl Power: The Rise of Female Leads…Or Not.

After Dark Weekly News Roundup
Streaming After Dark

Streaming After Dark: A Series of Unfortunate Events updates, Mozart In The Jungle trailer, plus ...

Streaming After Dark: House of Cards Will Return Without Kevin Spacey, Netflix Axes Haters Back O...

Fantasy After Dark

Fantasy After Dark: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Casting news and a spinoff from the Super...

Superhero After Dark

Superhero After Dark: Reign Arrives on Supergirl, DCTV and Marvel Trailers, Iron Fist Casting New...

Comedy After Dark

Comedy After Dark: Danny Masterson Exits The Ranch, Jennie Garth to Guest on The Mick, Good Girls...

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